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Pastel, World Renowned Mural Artist Returns to East Bay for Exhibition
Contact : Katie Bowman    (510) 577-3327

On March 1, 2017, Argentinian mural artist Pastel, whose mural installation Costanoans is in San Leandro, is returning to the East Bay on Saturday September 9 for a solo exhibit of paintings at 7:00 PM at Athen B Gallery located at 1525 Webster Street in Oakland. To date, San Leandro is home to Pastel’s only installation in California.

The vibrant mural is located at the southbound Marina Boulevard exit on I-880 and received positive acclaim by the local art community as well as San Leandro residents. Costanoans along with a number of other murals and public art projects is part of an effort by the City of San Leandro to beautify and activate the city’s industrial area. San Leandro Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter said, “San Leandro’s mural project is part of a larger local public art movement that is proving to be an exciting community asset. We are fortunate to provide a home for world-class installations such as Pastel’s Costanoans mural and it is indicative of the revitalization of the City’s industrial areas.”

“Pastel’s rapid international success is indicative of the quality of his art,” said Sorell Raino-Tsui, owner of Athen B Gallery and consultant to the City of San Leandro. “To host a Pastel mural is more or less becoming the public art equivalent of owning a Jackson Pollock, and San Leandro now has one.”


Pastel’s success as a mural artist is truly a remarkable accomplishment. HHHhhhis body of work is a clear indication that his art is establishing a place in art history as a significant contributor to the public art platform. The world is literally his art gallery, and the San Leandro is extremely fortunate secure a piece of his legacy for the region.


Since 2014, San Leandro installed forty utility art boxes, four murals, decorative street banners, and an interactive musical exhibit entitled the “Chime Way.” The City Council is preparing to adopt a Public Art Master Plan, an initiative that establishes goals to ensure that more projects such as these will continue to enrich the community.


About the Artist

Pastel, the Buenos Aires-based artist and architect has developed a personal style by depicting plants and flora unique to each mural’s local habitat and utilizing a palette of pastel colors.  Pastel began painting murals in Buenos Aires in 2010 and quickly ascended to the international stage. In addition to his homeland, Pastel installed murals in Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Norway, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Ukraine, and most recently Sweden. In the U.S., Pastel has installed murals in Florida, New Mexico, Oregon, North Carolina, Arkansas, and California. 

About San Leandro

One of the most diverse cities in the nation located at the center of the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area, San Leandro is a safe, vibrant community of 89,000 residents with well-maintained neighborhoods, excellent public libraries, twenty-one public parks, quality local schools, and a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.  The western border of the city consists of over eight miles of pristine shoreline and amenities on San Francisco Bay while a regional park and nature areas fall on the eastern border. San Leandro businesses enjoy multiple advantages including close proximity to the Oakland International Airport and Port of Oakland, two major freeways, two BART stations, and access to a large and well-educated workforce. Through a public-private partnership known as Lit San Leandro (, a fiber optic network encircles San Leandro’s industrial and commercial core offering businesses virtually unlimited internet connectivity.


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