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Business Assistance

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Business Assistance

Pre-Application Consultation

Major projects that will require approvals from various City departments may qualify for ?pre-application? assistance. Staff can arrange an informal meeting with representatives from City departments with the applicant team to review the process and any potential concerns before plans are finalized and submitted. This review time at the beginning of a project can save valuable time and money. To set up a consultation, call (510) 577-3371.

Permit Assistance

The City of San Leandro takes a proactive and pro-business approach to development and is committed to reducing the uncertainty associated with the development process. The City's fast and efficient review process helps ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. For more information, contact the Building and Safety Services Division at (510) 577-3405.

Plan Check Services

The City of San Leandro is prepared to do whatever it takes to meet your building occupancy deadlines. We have a unique design/build process where we can approve your plans in phases to accommodate your schedule.

One-Stop Permitting

Our unique one-stop permitting process is aimed at providing a fast, hassle-free move into San Leandro. This full-service assistance center offers all major development services in one single location and serves property owners, business owners and contractors seeking permits and plan approvals. Development-related permits are processed and issued in the Permit Assistance Center by the Planning Division, Building Services and Safety Division, Engineering and Transportation Department and Fire Department.

Building Inspections

The City has building inspectors available 24 hours a day to coordinate your inspection. For more information, click here.

For more additional information on these programs or other assistance, call Economic Development at (510) 577-3311.

Please click here for a description of the typical Development Process for most development projects in San Leandro.