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Development Process

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Development Process

Most development projects in San Leandro follow this process:

  1. Pre-Development

    A developer, property owner or business has an idea to construct or remodel a building or start a business in San Leandro, and the site is already identified. At this point, there may be lots of questions to be answered about the zoning designation of the property in question, whether a use permit is required, and whether design requirements are a factor for the project. The place to start is the City's Planning Division, where staff can provide the information you need and answer your questions. Planning staff may refer complex projects to Business Development for input.

  2. Pre-application Meeting

    Prior to the submission of a formal application, staff in the Engineering, Planning, Building, Fire, and Business Development are available to meet with developers/owners to discuss project plans in conceptual form and to provide general information and direction regarding application submittal requirements. This gives potential customers the opportunity to obtain information about the review process, realistic estimates of the time involved, and tips for minimizing delays. Planning or Business Development staff will coordinate this meeting for you.

  3. Development Application

    An application, which includes building design and a site plan, is submitted to the Community Development Department. The application is circulated to various departments for review and comment.

  4. Referral Review

    After staff has had an opportunity to review the development application, the Community Development project planner assembles all the recommended conditions of approval for the project. More information and revised plans may be requested from the applicant based on the results of the various divisions' review. If there has been a pre-application meeting and good communication up to this point, the conditions will not be a surprise. Certain applications can be approved administratively by the Zoning Enforcement Official; for projects that don?t need discretionary review, the next step may be skipped.

  5. Staff Report and Public Hearing

    The project planner writes a staff report about the project including the conditions of approval. Staff will recommend in the report that the application should be approved or denied, based on whether the proposed project meets the City's requirements. The application request is scheduled for a public hearing before the Planning Commission/City Council. At the public hearing the applicant is provided an opportunity to address the Commission or Council.

  6. Construction Plans Submittal

    Once the project has been approved, a building permit application and construction plans are submitted to the Community Development Department for review. Other permits may also be necessary from the Alameda County Fire Department or Engineering and Transportation Department. The project planner will let you know.

  7. Project Plan Check

    City plan checkers review the construction plans for compliance with building codes. Plans also may be routed to other departments for their review and comment. The plan check process may take from a couple days to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.

  8. Construction Inspection

    During construction, periodic field inspections are made to insure that the project is being constructed in compliance with the approved plans and the appropriate codes.

  9. Final Approval

    After construction is completed in conformance with approved plans and conditions of approval, building permits are finalized and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued. A Business License must be obtained from the Finance Department. You're in business!