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Search for Available Properties

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Search for Available Properties

Looking to locate your business in San Leandro?  Use the form below to search available commercial properties in the local market.

SHOWCASE.com is the search engine for business professionals and investors looking for their next commercial property to lease or buy. Search from over one million properties across all asset classes, including: office space for lease, office space for sale, industrial property for lease, warehouses for sale, retail properties for lease, retail property for sale, multifamily apartments and land investments. Just a few clicks is all it takes to get the most complete data on each property, including: property information, space-level detail, photo galleries, bird's eye views, and broker contact details. 

We are pleased to offer this tool to assist you in searching for available properties in San Leandro. Please note that the City cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any property search results. If you need additional information on available properties or allowed uses, please contact Economic Development at (510) 577-3311.

View Development Sites on OppSites


Looking for development opportunities in San Leandro?  Click HERE to see local sites that the City of San Leandro is actively promoting for development.

OppSites is a tool designed to help developers and real estate professionals find underutilized sites ready for development. Investors, developers, and brokers can use OppSites to find underexposed development opportunities, and to follow preferred cities to learn about opportunities before they hit the market. Through OppSites you can gain local knowledge about priorities and incentives, build relationships in new markets, learn about pre-market opportuntieis, and save time and resources.