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Redevelopment Advisory Committee (RAC)

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Redevelopment Advisory Committee (RAC)

The San Leandro Redevelopment Agency approved the creation of a new Redevelopment Advisory Committee (RAC) in July 2009 to provide input to the Redevelopment Agency and staff on large projects and redevelopment planning documents, including a soon-to-be-developed Five-Year Implementation Plan for the three Redevelopment Agency project areas: the Plaza Project Area, the City of San Leandro/Alameda County (Joint) Project Area and the West San Leandro/MacArthur Boulevard Project Area. Housing objectives and policies will also be included in this five-year plan.

The RAC includes 12 members - a property and business owner from each of the project areas, five individuals whose residence is located in or within 500 feet of one of the project areas, plus one stakeholder representing the housing community.

Initially the RAC will meet monthly on first Thursday of the month to provide input on the draft Five-Year Implementation Plan. The RAC will then meet quarterly, as needed, to provide input on the objectives and programs related to each project area. The term of office for RAC representatives is five years.

Meeting Schedule and Agenda

City Council - Redevelopment Advisory Committee - Agendas - 2009-10

City Council - Redevelopment Advisory Committee - Meeting Highlights - 2009-10

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