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Vendor Information

Vendor Information

The City of San Leandro maintains a list of vendors who are interested in doing business with the City. The following is information you will need as a potential new vendor as well as information on applicable City policies and paperwork that must be provided prior to beginning work or delivering goods to the City.

Purchase Orders

Purchases not made on City procurement (credit) cards must have a purchase order number.

Billing Address

City of San Leandro Accounts Payable Department, 835 East 14th Street, San Leandro, CA 94577

W-9 Forms

This must be filled out by all new vendors prior to the City's processing of payment for any goods or services provided.  Please click on the link under Vendor Information to go to a blank form.

Insurance Requirements

Please click on the link under Vendor Information for the insurance requirements for any company wishing to perform a service(s) for the City.

Business Licenses

All vendors located within city limits of San Leandro, or who provide services within the city limits, must have a current San Leandro Business License.  Please click on the link under Vendor Information for the on-line information or contact the Business License Department at (510) 577-3378 for specific questions and to verify fees.

New Vendor Letter
All of the above information is contained in our Vendor Letter; please click on the link under Vendor Information for a copy. All forms must be received prior to processing any invoices for payment.

Sales Calls

Due to staffing levels, the City will not be scheduling introductory visits until further notice. The City also respectfully requests no routine courtesy calls.

If you are interested in providing information to the City about your company, email information to juliejenkins@sanleandro.org or feel free to leave your information at the Reception Desk in the Finance Division, located on the second floor of City Hall. Your company will be added to our vendor notification list as soon as possible. For any inquiries, leave a message at (510) 577-3376 and the Purchasing Section will return your call if it is regarding an active purchase order. All other calls will be reviewed and responded to as necessary.

Please contact the City's Purchasing Agent, Julie Jenkins, at (510) 577-3472 or via email at juliejenkins@sanleandro.org for further information.

Disclaimer: The City of San Leandro (the "City") does not warrant, represent or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information provided at this website. Information provided here is simply for your convenience. There may be recent addenda or changes in the Request for Proposals ("RFP") or bid documents including, among other things, bidding instructions, general conditions, technical specifications and exhibits that may not be currently reflected at this site. The City shall not be responsible or liable in any way for errors, inaccuracies or omissions in any documents or information retrieved or downloaded from this site.