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Air Quality

Air Quality

Spare The Air This Winter

The Spare the Air Program was established by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to educate residents about air pollution and to encourage them to change their behavior to improve air quality. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District hosts both summer and winter Spare the Air programs to curb air pollution on high pollution days and evenings.

 The 2016 winter program runs from November 1 through the end of February.  When a Winter Spare the Air Alert is in effect, burning wood, fire logs, pellets, or any other solid fuels in your fireplace, woodstove, or other wood-burning device is illegal. 

When wood burning is allowed, residents who do burn in a fireplace or outdoor fire pit must still burn cleanly using dry, seasoned firewood, and not burn garbage, leaves or other material that would cause excessive smoke. Residents who exceed the excess visible smoke provision in the wood-burning rule could still be subject to an Air District citation or penalty.

For more information, visit www.sparetheair.org or call 1-877-4-NO-BURN.

Check Before You Burn

To find out if a Winter Spare the Air Alert is in effect, residents and business owners can do the following:

  • Call 1-877-4NO-BURN (1-877-466-2876)
  • Sign up for automatic phone alerts by calling 1-800-430-1515
  • Sign up to receive email AirAlerts
  • Download the Spare the Air App for iPhone or Android
  • Connect with Spare the Air on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+

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