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Street Lights & Traffic Signals

Street Lights & Traffic Signals

Street Lights

Street Light RepairSan Leandro benefits from over 5,500 street lights illuminating our streets after dark. Street lights vary from the 70-watt residential lights, to the 200-watt arterial lamps, and special period-style lamps in the downtown area. San Leandro uses high-pressure sodium lamps, requiring half of the power of the once-standard incandescent lamps.

Traffic Maintenance staff perform periodic night time surveys on the city’s major streets, inspecting and repairing any street light outages. The City also relies on residents to report street light outages. City street lights reported to be out are usually repaired within five business days. The City is not authorized to make repairs to the PG&E supply lines that provide electricity to city owned street lights. Staff reports these issues to PG&E and performs follow up until the repair is completed by PG&E.

To report a burned out street light, follow the procedures below:

I. Obtain Information

  • Two- to four-digit street light pole number, located on streetlight pole at eye level facing the street (not the yellow strip). 
  • Street name and address where street light is located.
  • Indicate if pole is in front of, across from, or in-between the address given. 
  • Nearest cross street. 
  • Your name, spelling (if calling) and day time phone number.

II. Report Information to any one of the following:

  • Public Works Message Line - (510) 577-3400.  Speak slowly and clearly. Messages are transcribed each business day; or
  • Online with My SL.

LED Lighting

As part of the national economic stimulus package, the City of San Leandro received a one-time federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant.  The City allocated approximately $120,000 of the grant monies to a street light conversion project that converted approximately 14% of the City's existing high pressure sodium (HPS) street light fixtures to more energy efficient light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures. 

There are several benefits to LED lights:LED Light

  • They use ~50% less energy than equivalent HPS lights thereby saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • They have a much longer expected life (>10 years) than HPS lights (~3 years).
  • They give off a white, daylight-feel light for enhanced visibility and safety, while HPS lights give off a pale, yellow light that mask true colors.
  • Unlike HPS, LED lights do not contain mercury and are more environmentally friendly.

The Public Works Department oversaw the conversion of approximately 400 residential HPS street light fixtures to LED fixtures in two residential project areas, which include Bonaire, and portions of Floresta Gardens, Washington Manor and Estudillo Estates.  These areas were selected so that the City could evaluate the effectiveness of the LED lights under differing street conditions (narrow v. wide, heavily wooded v. sparse vegetation) and to keep the type of lighting consistent in a neighborhood.

The Public Works Department will evaluate the LED fixtures for cost efficiency and performance.  If funding becomes available in the future, further conversion projects may be possible.

Traffic Signals

The Traffic Maintenance Section is responsible for installation, maintenance and repair of traffic signals at 59 signalized intersections within city limits. Caltrans owns and maintains signals all along East 14th Street, Davis Street, Doolittle Drive and Traffic Signal near most freeway ramps.

The Traffic Maintenance Section has installed LED (light emitting diodes) displays in all of the red and green sections of the signals throughout the city. The amber sections are approximately 85% complete and pedestrian displays are being changed out at a rate of 15% per year. A fully converted intersection will use less than half the energy of incandescent lamps and last 8 times longer providing a great savings to the city.

The Traffic Maintenance Section works with the Engineering & Transportation Department to maintain a Traffic Operation Center (TOC) which has 45 signalized intersections that can be monitored and coordinated from the TOC. These Signals communicate with a master controller to provide efficient progression of traffic.

To report a signal light problem:

  • During regular business hours (7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday -Friday), call 577-3440 (Public Works Department)
  • After hours, and on weekends and holidays, call (510) 577-2740  (Police Dispatch)

Underground Service Alert

The Traffic Maintenance Section also performs Underground Service Alerts (USA) for all Traffic Signal, Street Lighting, and Fiber Optic cable and conduit (except for utility fiber). We locate and mark these underground facilities by request throughout the year at no charge to the customer.