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Potholes and Minor Street Repair

Potholes and Minor Street Repair

The Traffic Maintenance Section maintains the City's 180 miles of roadway infrastructure using an area maintenance program. The City is divided into four maintenance areas and each calendar year crews focus their attention on one maintenance area. See  area maintenance map

At the beginning of each calendar year, Traffic Maintenance staff work with the Engineering & Transportation Department to evaluate and select streets for pavement rejuvenation in the assigned maintenance area. The streets selected are in sufficiently good condition to be surface treated with slurry seal or a similar type of treatment. For more information about current and planned street projects, as well as the street selection process, visit the Engineering & Transportation Department's  Project Development Division page.  
Picture of Minor Street Repair
Before the surface treatment is conducted, Traffic Maintenance crews perform all necessary asphalt repairs. The preparation work typically involves crack sealing and performing digout repairs.

Crews also inspect the condition of pavement markings and street signs in the assigned maintenance area. Faded pavement markings are refreshed and faded or damaged street signs are replaced. Pavement markings include crosswalks, lane markings, bike lanes and painted curbs. Signs include stop, traffic speed, and street name signs. 

Pothole Repair

The Section is also responsible for pothole repair on City streets. On average, the Section repairs 2,500 potholes per year. To report a pothole on a City street: Picture of Pothole Repair Work

  1. Call the Public Works Message Line at (510) 577-3400.  Speak slowly and clearly. Messages are transcribed each business day; or
  2. Report online with My SL.

The City is not responsible for pothole repairs on state highways such as Davis Street, E. 14th, and Doolittle Drive north of Davis Street.  Repairs on state highways are conducted by Caltrans.  To report potholes and other street issues to Caltrans call (510) 286-6359 or complete a Maintenance Service Request.

Sidewalk Repair

As a property owner, within San Leandro, you are responsible for maintaining the curbs, gutters and sidewalks that border your property in good condition. If your sidewalk is in need of repair, you may do the work yourself, hire a licensed contractor, or for a fee, have the City's contractor replace the failed sections.

Contact the Engineering and Transportation Department, Sidewalk Repair Program at (510) 577-3305 for assistance.  To report a hazardous location or to have a City inspector provide a cost estimate on necessary repairs, call (510) 577-3428 or go to My SL . For more information refer to the City's Sidewalk Repair Program brochure.