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Planting New Trees

Planting New Trees

A property owner can request to have a City Tree planted or replaced in the public right-of-way pending approval from the Street Services Section. Once a tree request has been made, the proposed site is inspected and the property owner is sent a list of trees to choose from. See Tree Varieties.Planting New Trees

The Street Services Section offers property owners a variety of trees that grow well in San Leandro, resist pests, cause minimal concrete damage, survive with minimal care by the property owner, and do not require frequent pruning when mature.

The property owner is responsible for watering, sweeping or raking leaves and flowers, and notifying the Section if something "doesn't look right." Watering is usually required for the first three to five years.

The City of San Leandro charges $100 per tree to plant or replace City Trees, and $50 per concrete cutout, up to 4 feet by 4 feet.  Trees that are damaged by a storm event or vandalism may be replaced at no cost to the resident.