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About Us

About Us

The Wastewater Treatment Divison provides operation and maintenance of the Water Pollution Control Plant, 125 miles of sanitary sewer pipelines, 13 remote sewage pump stations and the inspection and maintenance of the City's stormwater collection system. 

The Division also provides contract operation, maintenance and laboratory services to the East Bay Dischargers Authority and environmental oversight of hazardous materials, wastewater pretreatment pollution prevention, stormwater permitting and contaminated sites. The City serves 50,000 residents, as well as businesses, in the northern two-thirds of San Leandro.

Additional Facts:


Annual Operating Budget:Waste Water Treatment Plant

$7.6 million 

Wastewater Treatment:

  • The facility cleans about 5 million gallons of wastewater a day, with spikes up to 23 million gallons per day. 
  • The facility treats wastewater to a secondary level through physical, biological and chemical processes.
  • Treated effluent (water) is safely disposed of through a collectively owned discharge pipe into the deep waters of the San Francisco Bay.

Maximum Dry Weather Flow Capacity:

7.6 million gallons per day

Plant Loading:

  • The facility has the highest BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) load and the third highest TSS (Total Suspended Solids) load of all 28 facilities operating in the Bay Area.
  • An influent load 70% higher than the average concentration of BOD and 33% higher than the average concentration of TSS.
  • Our effluent is one of the cleanest in the Bay Area for both BOD and TSS.  

Solids Collection:

  • The treatment facility removes approximately 6,000,000 lbs of solids from the wastewater each year.
  • The facility produces approximately 1000 tons of Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids each year.
  • These biosolids are taken to be used in beneficial land applications.

Recycled Water:

The plant provides approximately 200 million gallons of treated water per year to three municipal golf courses.