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Rates and Fees

Rates and Fees

The following fees have been established by the City Council pursuant to various provisions of the San Leandro Municipal Code (SLMC), San Leandro Administrative Code (SLAC) or the general laws of the State of California.


2017-2018 Fees

1.  Monthly User Charges  


A. For Classification A Users (Residential):


• Single-Family Unit

$34.71 each

• Multiple-Family Unit

$24.63 each

• Accessory Dwelling Unit

$24.63 each 


B. For Classification B Users (Commercial & Institutional):




Auto Services

$8.02/100 cubic feet

Bakery, Wholesale

$6.59/100 cubic feet


$4.67/100 cubic feet


$7.86/100 cubic feet

Mixed Use

$6.82/100 cubic feet


$7.37/100 cubic feet

All Other

$3.81/100 cubic feet




$3.14/100 cubic feet


C. For Classification C Users (Industrial & Other Large Users):
Loading Charge – based on the total discharge volumes for the billing period.



$5.82 each


$3,176.52/million gallons

BOD (Biochemical oxygen demand)

$426.17/thousand pounds

SS (Suspended solids)

$711.02/thousand pounds

2. Connection Fees


Dwelling units:


· Single-Family Unit

$4,303.00 each

· Multiple-Family Unit

$3,592.00 each

· Accessory Dwelling Unit

$3,592.00 each

 Converting an existing apartment building to condominium units



Non-residential users shall be assessed connection fees based on the estimated average day of their peak month discharge according to the unit cost schedule below:



$19.91/gallons per day

BOD (Biochemical oxygen demand)

$814.18/pounds per day

SS (Suspended solids)

$933.17/pounds per day

A connection fee adjustment shall be made at the end of one year of service for all nonresidential users to reflect the actual wastewater discharge based on monitored wastewater discharged or metered water usage adjusted for volume not discharged to the sanitary sewer system. If the estimated wastewater discharge is low, an additional connection fee shall be assessed. If the estimated wastewater discharge is high, the City shall issue a refund to the user.