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Message to the Community from Mayor Cutter

As your Mayor, I want you to know that the City of San Leandro is working hard every day to support the community during this unprecedented public health emergency, limit the spread of coronavirus, and maintain essential City services to keep the public safe.

Along with my colleagues on the City Council, our City Manager & City staff, we are working around the clock to implement measures to protect the public based on guidance from public health officials. This includes cancelling events, and altering or suspending non-essential services.

In response to the Governor's shelter-in-place order, most non-essential meetings are being cancelled. We are also modifying procedures for critical meetings, such as the City Council and disaster council. Many of these meetings will now be conducted via tele-conference, and we are asking the public to share their comments or feedback in writing, via email, or over the telephone to ensure social distancing. We appreciate the public’s patience as we work out the details of these changes. We will also make refinements along the way. Rest assured our primary goal is to keep essential city functions on line, while protecting public health. 

Written comments or questions may be submitted by email prior to, or during meetings by contacting or Many meetings can also be viewed online by visiting the city website and clicking on the City Council link. We’ve also launch a dedicated website: where you can find the latest updates from the City related to COVID-19.

We are facing a pandemic that is threatening lives and disrupting every day activities, not only here in San Leandro, but throughout the world. We must all focus on defeating it now. Your City Government will continue to provide vital services, but it’s up to all of us to adhere to the shelter-in-place order, while doing whatever we can to help those around us. 

San Leandro is a resilient City. Our resilience is rooted in our diversity, and supported by the investments we’ve made in public safety, in our infrastructure, and in our city staff. We are also a City of Kindness, and I know we have what it takes to meet this challenge.

These are difficult times, but we are prepared. Let’s continue to support each other, even as we practice social distancing.